Add Some Color to Your ‘Do With Put on Piece’s Clip-In Color Strips

Put on Piece’s Clip-In Color Strips

There’s a new trend in hair that’s popping up on red carpets, runways, and on celebrities just about everywhere. Brightly streaked hair – and we’re talking bright – from green to pink and from blue to purple, has been seen on A-listers such as, Kesha, Brittany Spears, Jordin Sparks and Lauren Conrad. Not ready for such a shocking change? Then this bold look doesn’t have to be a permanent one thanks to an easy-to-use option like Put on Pieces Clip-In Color Strips ($8 each:

Put on Piece’s Clip-In Color Strips easily attach to hair for a commitment-free streaked effect. Each bright strip gives hair 16 inches of color that pops for standout hair that gets noticed. Choose from six fun fantasy colors – Amethyst, Blue, Gold, Pink, Purple and Red, or mix multiple shades to express yourself though your hair.

What I think:  I have tried the purple and red in my dark brown hair.  The purple is fun to wear everyday or to work, because it is a subtle flash of color in my dark hair.   The red is bright and fun for a night out.  The clips are easy to use and stay on until you take them off.

To purchase, visit  Have fun!

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